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Dr. Melissa Goodwin

Name: Melissa Goodwin 
Room: Carre 4.326
Tel: 7795

Melissa Goodwin was born in Chesterfield in the UK on the 4th of September 1990. Her undergraduate degree was studied at the University of York, UK. Her final year was undertaken at Lanxess Elastomers B.V. in Geleen, The Netherlands, resulting in a master’s thesis entitled “The zeolite accelerated resol curing of EPDM rubber.”

After completing her internship she ventured back to the UK to start a PhD at the University of Durham under the tutelage of Prof Jonathan Steed in collaboration with Ashland Inc. An eclectic combination of project directions and ideas was eventually tied down under the title “The interactions of lactam containing compounds based on kinetic hydrate inhibition polymers.” Topics included cocrystallisation, crosslinking and gelation of guar gum, the effects of sour gases on hydrate inhibition, small angle neutron scattering of polymers in solution and the stabilization of amorphous pharmaceutical compositions.

In 2017 she returned to the Netherlands, starting a post-doctoral project under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Ir. Jurriaan Huskens and Prof. dr. Jeroen Cornelissen. The aim of the project is to develop biosensors for virus detection in collaboration with industrial partners.