Dr.Huaping Xu

Huaping Xu
Huaping Xu
LA 2719
+31 53 489 2933

Huaping Xu was born on 5th of November 1978, in Yixing China. He studied at the department of chemistry, Jilin University in 1997. In June 2001 he finished his undergraduate thesis with the title of “Synthesis of novel dendron thiol” under the supervision of Prof. Xi Zhang at Key Lab of Supramolecular Structures and Materials of Jilin University. At the same year, he became a Ph. D. candidate of Jilin University under the supervision of Prof. Xi Zhang with the major of polymer chemistry and physics. From April 2004 to March 2005, he worked as an exchange Ph. D. student at the organic synthesis lab of KULeuven, Belgium, under the direction of Prof. Wim Dehaen and Prof. Mario Smet. His research topic in KULenven is the synthesis of dendritic polymer with glutathione peroxidase activity. In March 2005 he returned to China to continue his Ph. D. thesis at another university, Tsinghua University, because of the move of his supervisor Prof. Xi Zhang from Jilin University to Tsinghua University. He obtained Ph. D. degree from the college of chemistry, Jilin University in June 2006. His Ph. D. thesis entitled “Dendritic polymers act as glutathione peroxidase mimics”. He joined Prof. D. N. Reinhoudt’s group as a postdoctoral fellow at the beginning of August 2006. He is now working on microcontact printing with porous stamps.