Yiping Zhao, M.Sc.

Research of Yiping Zhao

Title: Integration of edge lithography, nanoimprint lithography (NIL), and self-assembly

In this particular project, I will investigate the integration of edge lithography, nanoimprint lithography (NIL), and self-assembly. Edge lithography is a form of lithography in which the edges of the original pattern become the features of the final pattern. It is an add-on technology for existing lithography in which the sidewalls of pre-fabricated steps are used to produce truly 2D and 3D nanoscale structures. Such structures will function, for example, as masters in NIL, to provide replication of the nanostructures. Both will be integrated with layer-by-layer (LBL) assembly, which is the sequential adsorption of species with complementary functional groups (e.g. opposite charges). LBL can be applied to polymers, small molecules, nanoparticles, and even biomolecules. This constitutes a powerful way for the fabrication of 3D nanostructures.