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Xuexin Duan, M.Sc.

Xuexin Duan
Xuexin Duan
LA 2719

Xuexin Duan was born on the 6th of July 1979, in Tianjin China. He studied Chemistry in Nankai University China; in the summer of 2000 he entered the State Key Laboratory and Institute of Elemento-organic Chemistry, Nankai University to complete his undergraduate thesis paper. 

After one year he got his bachelor degree in Organic chemistry. In the same year he became a master student in the Institute of Polymer Chemistry in Nankai University, he studied the crystallization behavior of some unique hybrid linear and dendritic block copolymers for his master thesis. In 2004 he got his master degree in the chemistry and physics of polymer science. Then he studied at Max-Planck Institute for Polymer Research in Mainz Germany as an international student.
His research focused on the physical behavior of Tree-like Macromolecular containing Dendritic Poly (phenyl azomethine) and Semifluorinated Alkanes. Since December 2005, he is a PHD candidate under the supervision of Prof. dr. Jurriaan Huskens in Twente. He is now working on high resolution micro contact printing.