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Xing Yi Ling, M.Sc.

Xing Yi Ling
Xing Yi Ling
LA 2301
+31 53 489 2933

Xing Yi Ling was born in Jerantut, Pahang, Malaysia. She obtained Bachelor Degree of Chemical Engineering, 1st Class Honors from the University of Adelaide, Australia in year 2000. After working one year as a chemical engineer in Singapore, she decided to continue and further her academic study. In January 2001, she began her Master Degree of Chemical Engineering at the National University of Singapore (NUS) and Institute of Materials Research & Engineering (IMRE), Singapore. She received her Master Degree of Chemical Engineering in September 2004, with research project entitled “Platinum & Platinum-Ruthenium Nanoparticles: Synthesis, Characterizations and Applications” under supervision of Prof. Jim Yang Lee and Dr Zhaolin Liu. From September 2004, she is the PhD student under supervision of Prof. David Reinhoudt and Dr. ir. Jurriaan Huskens, SMCT in University of Twente. Her current project involved Supramolecular Self-Assembly of Nanoparticles on Molecular Printboards.