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Oktay Yildirim, M.Sc.

Oktay Yildirim
Oktay Yildirim
LA 2719
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I was born on 25th May 1977 in Turkey. I obtained my bachelor degree in chemical engineering from Chemical Engineering Department of Middle East Technical University (METU) in 2000. Since I was interested in multidisciplinary study I started my master education at Izmir Institute of Technology, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Material Science and Engineering (September 2001 – September 2004) under the supervision of Prof.Dr. Muhsin Ciftcioglu and Prof.Dr. Sebnem Harsa. I worked as a Research assistant on my master thesis “Preparation and characterization of chitosan/calcium phosphate based composite biomaterials.” In this study, porous hydroxyapatite and biopolymer bioceramic composites have been successfully produced and characterized. Since April 2006 I am working as a PhD candidate under the supervision of Prof.Dr.Ir. Jurriaan Huskens and Dr.Ing. Guus Rjinders at the University of Twente. My research is on “Self Assembled Monolayers on Ultrasmooth Metal Oxide Surfaces”, a project which is handled within NanoFabrication area of MESA+.