Ph.D. students

Kim Wimbush, MSc

Kim S. Wimbush
Room: Carre 4.205
Phone: +31 (0)53 489 4153

Kim S. Wimbush was born in Adelaide, Australia on June 3, 1984. He studied Nanotechnology (Hons) and majored in Biodevices at Flinders University, Adelaide Australia, where he received his degree in November 2005. During his honours project he worked on the development of a nanowire through DNA-directed attachment of Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes. The work was carried in the group of Assoc. Prof J Shapter and Dr N. Voelcker at Flinders University. Since January 2006 he is a PhD candidate in the group of Prof. Reinhoudt at the University of Twente. The aim of his project is to use Self Assembled Monolayers for the development of SAMFET’s.