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Jacopo Movilli, M.Sc.

Jacopo Movilli
Carre 4.326
+31 53 489 4372

Jacopo Movilli was born the 24th of August 1991 in Siena. After he attended the “Liceo Scientifico” A. Volta in Colle Val d’Elsa (Si) as a pre-university education school, he pursued his Bachelor degree in Chemistry (summa cum laude) at the University of Study of Siena in 2013. The aim of his BSc project was to study and characterize a new, green type of coupling for the amide bond using azides, hence avoiding huge amounts of traditional coupling reagent and long purification steps. During his thesis project he worked both in Dublin at the Royal College of Surgeon in Ireland (RCSI) under the supervision of Prof. Mauro Adamo and in Siena with Dr. Stefania Fusi as supervisor.

He received his Master degree in Chemistry (summa cum laude) at the University of Padua in 2015, working under his supervisor Prof. Fabrizio Mancin. The project concerned the Nanomedicine field, developing smart-stimuli responsive Silica Nanoparticles (Si-NPs) capable to modify their surface properties as a consequence of external pulses/environment, with application in Photo-Dynamic Therapy (PDT) and drug delivery.

Since the 1st of September 2015, he works as a PhD at the Molecular Nanofabrication (MNF) group under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Ir. Jurriaan Huskens. His European project concerns part of the development of ULTRAsensitive PLAsmonic devices for early CAncer Diagnosis (ULTRAPLACAD), using PNA and peptides to detect mutates DNA, RNA and autoantibodies against tumor-associated antigens (a-TAAs).