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Francesca Costantini

Francesca Costantini
LA 2709
+31 53 489 2906


Francesca Costantini was born in Macerata (MC), Italy on October 1st,1977. She studied Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology (CTF) at the University of Bologna, Italy, where she received her degree on October 2003. During her undergraduate training period she worked on the cis-trans fatty acid isomerization at the biochemistry department of Bologna University. From July 1st, 2004 till December 5th 2005 she worked at at Pepscan Systems B.V., Lelytad, The Netherlands, where she synthesized template molecules for vaccination under supervision of Dr. Peter Timmerman. Since February 2005 she is Ph.D. Candidate in the group of Prof. Reinhoudt at the University of Twente. The aim of her project is to study chemical and biochemical reactions in Lab-on-a-Chip.