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Mirko Faccini

Mirko Faccini
Mirko Faccini
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Mirko Faccini was born in Orzinuovi (BS), Italy on June 6th, 1978. He studied chemistry at the University of Parma, Italy, (1997-2003). From November 2002 until November 2003 he did his undergraduate research in the Organic Chemistry group of Prof. A. Pochini under supervision of Prof. A. Arduini. During this period he worked on the subject "Synthesis of Heteroditopic Calix[6]arenes-based receptors".From March 2003, to June 2003, he stayed in the University of Twente, with an Erasmus grant, working in the Supramolecular Chemistry group, (directed by Prof. D. Reinhoudt) in the synthesis of functionalized cavitands, under the supervision of  Dr. W.Verboom.Since December 2003 he is PhD Candidate in the group of Prof.D.N. Reinhoudt at the University of Twente, working on a project entitled: "Broadband and Wavelength Selective Modulators for Optical Communications Bases on Electro-optic Polymers".