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Dr. Henk Dam

Henk Dam
Henk Dam

Henk Dam was born in Almelo, The Netherlands on the 19th of January 1975. He studied Organic Chemistry at the University of Professional Education Enschede, The Netherlands, where he received his degree on June 1999. During his undergraduate project he worked in the group of Prof. dr. H. H. Schobert (Laboratory for Hydrocarbon Process Chemistry) at the Pennsylvania State University, that resulted in the thesis “The use of methylene insertion reactions as a potential method for the upgrading of heavy petroleum fractions”. The second period of his undergraduate project he worked at the University of Twente in the group of Prof. dr. ir. D. N. Reinhoudt on a project called: p-Tert-butylcalix[4]arenes as molecular building block for Mg2+ selective ionophores. He continued to study Organic Chemistry at the Vrije Universiteit (VU) of Amsterdam. His final project involved the synthesis of novel bifunctionalized ligands and their ruthenium complexes, which was performed in the group of Prof. dr. G. van Koten (Metal-Mediated Synthesis) at the University of Utrecht. He received his master degree on June 2002. From September 2002 to May 2007 he was a PhD Candidate in the group of Prof. dr. ir. D. N. Reinhoudt at the University of Twente. His thesis is entitled “New Ligands for Americium: a Combinatorial Approach”. Since April 2007 he is working as a postdoctoral fellow in the MolecularNanofabrication group of Prof. dr. ir. J. Huskens. His work is concerned with the study of multivalent interactions on molecular printboards of -cyclodextrin self assembled monolayers.