David N. Reinhoudt

Theses list David Reinhoudt


Onderzoek naar de synthese van mitomycine-analoga; Reacties van enamines met electronenarme  acetylenen. G.W. Visser


Four-membered cyclic nitrones; Synthesis and reactivity. M.L.M. Pennings


Complexation of Organic molecules by macrocyclicpolyethers. J.A.A. de Boer


1-Hydroxyazetidines synthesis and reactivity. P.A. van Elburg

Organization and compexation of synthetic macrocyclic receptor molecules. P.D. J. Grootenhuis

Four-membered cyclic nitrones. P.J.S.S. van Eijk

Macrocyclic (metallo)enzyme models synthetic receptors for neutral polar molecules. C.J. van Staveren

Design and synthesis of macrocyclic ligands for selective complexation of urea. V.M.L.J. Aarts

Preorganized molecular cavities synthesis and complexation with alkali cations. P.J. Dijkstra

Qualitative and quantitative aspects of structure-electro-chemistry-cytotoxicity; relationships of aziridinylquinones. R. Driebergen


Ion sensors based on ISFET's with synthetic ionophores. A. van den Berg

Synthesis of mitosenes and isomitosanes. E.O.M. Orlemans

The "tert-amino effect"; synthesis of heterocyclic compounds. W.H.N. Nijhuis

Crownether mediated transport through liquid membranes. T.B. Stolwijk


Surface plasmon resonance-based Chemo-optical sensors. J. van Gent

Metallomacrocycles: synthesis, X-ray structure, electrochemistry, and ESR spectroscopy. F.C.J.M. van Veggel


The development of a durable potassium sensor based on FET-technology. P. van der Wal


Macrocyclic receptors as selective carriers in membrane transport W.F. van Straaten 

Calix[4]arenes as building blocks for molecular receptors. J.D. van Loon

Molecular Recognition of Neutral Molecules. A.R. van Doorn

Sensors for heavy metal ions based on ISFET's. P.L.H.M. Cobben

Conformational properties of calixarenes. L.C. Groenen


Metallomacrocycles as Enzyme models. A. Reichwein

Molecules for second order Non-linear optics. E. Kelderman

Towards the medical applications of calixspherands. W.I. Iwema Bakker

Studies on detection of Glucose based on a charge-modulation reaction on ISFET's. F.J.B. Kremer

Sodium-selective CHEMFET's. J.A.J. Brunink


Anion-sensitive CHEMFET's. W.P.R.V. Stauthamer

Mechanistic aspects of carrier-mediated transport through supported liquid membranes. E.G. Reichwein-Buitenhuis

Supported liquid membranes with improved stability; kinetics and mechanism of carrier mediated salt transport.H.C. Visser

Enzymes in organic media. Effects of crown ethers and other organic additives on the activity and selectivity. J. Broos

Self-assembled monolayers of receptor adsorbates on gold; preparation, characterization, and application. E.U. Thoden van Velzen

Water-soluble cyclodextrin-based host molecules. E. van Dienst

Molecules with rigid cavities by combination of calix[4]arenes and resorcinarenes. P. Timmerman


Development of optical detection methods for the determination of glucose concentrations in aqueous solutions. H.J. van de Bovenkamp

Calix[4]arenes in molecular recognition. D.M. Rudkevich

Calix[6]arenes as novel building blocks in supramolecular chemistry; a study towards synthesis, conformations and dynamics. R.G. Janssen

Hydrogen-bonded assemblies of calixarenes. R.H. Vreekamp

Anion recognition by neutral calix[4]arenes. J.J.A.M. Scheerder


Calix[4]arene-based (hemi)carcerands and carceplexes. A.M.A. van Wageningen


Conformational and dynamical properties of calixarenes. W.P. van Hoorn

Non-covalent synthesis of nanosize metallodendrimers. W.T.S. Huck

Lanthanide ion complexes and their luminescence properties. M.P. Oude Wolbers

Durable chemically modified field effect transistors; microsensors for selective cation detection. R.J.W. Lugtenberg

Sensitizer-modified lanthanide complexes for timeresolved fluoroimmunoassays. F.J. Steemers

Calix[4]arenes, versatile building blocks for second-order nonlinear optics. P.J.A. Kenis


Receptor molecules based on calix[4]arene-resorcin[4]arene combinations. I. Higler

Toward the medical application of supramolecular building blocks. M.H.B. Grote Gansey

Functional monlayers; self-assembly of sulfide adsorbates on gold. B.H. Huisman

Anion recognition and sensing. M.M.G. Antonisse

Carrier Mediated Transport as a Mechanistic Tool in Supramolecular Chemistry. L.A.J. Chrisstoffels

Cavitands as selective carriers for trivalent actinides. H. Boerrigter


Synthetic metallo-phosphodiesterases based on calix[4]arenes. P. Molenveld

Supramolecular interactions at functional self-assembled monolayers on gold M.W.J. Beulen


Sensing monolayers on gold and glass S. Flink

Crown ether activation of enzymes in organic solvents D.-J. van Unen

Synthesis and photophysics of light-converting lanthanide complexes S.I. Klink

A supramolecular approach to radiopharmaceuticals K.J.C. van Bommel

Self-assembled monolayers on gold: from ensembles to single molecules A. Friggeri

Optical sensing of metal ions with calix[4]arene chromoionophores N.J. van der Veen


Cyclodextrin assemblies based on multiple non-covalent interactions J.J. Michels

Non-covalent synthesis of chiral hydrogen-bonded assemblies L.J. Prins

Cyclodextrins for sensing Solution, surface, and single molecule chemistry M.R. de Jong

Functional Metallodendrimers From solution ensembles to surface-confinement H.W.J. van Manen

Supramolecular chemistry at the nanometer level S.A. Levi


Cavitand and calixarene modules for capsules and water-soluble receptors O. Middel

Luminescent materials based on lanthanide ions basic properties and application in NIR-LEDs and optical amplifiers G.A. Hebbink

Supramolecular mimics of heme-protein binding sites R. Fiammengo


Synthetic receptors based on hydrogen-bonded assemblies J.M.C.A. Kerckhoffs

New Tools for Nanotechnology: from Single Molecule Chemistry to Surface Patterning T. Auletta

Catalytic Approaches to Nanolithography X. Li


Lanthanide-doped nanoparticles as the active optical medium in polymer-based devices J.W. Stouwdam

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