Master students

A. J. (Aline) Treurniet

Building: Carré
Room: 3.621


Aline Treurniet is born on March 9th, 1993 and graduated her high school in Rotterdam in 2011. She became interested in both technical and medical subjects during that period. After her graduation, she decided to study Technical Medicine at the University of Twente. After her bachelor degree in 2014, she wanted to do a more technical master. Therefore, in September 2014, she started the master track Imaging and Diagnostics of the Master Biomedical Engineering. After finishing her master courses, she started her Master’s thesis at the NeuroImaging Research Group.


During the Bachelor’s thesis Aline did her research on the use of a head-mounted display during video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery. She did her internship at Machnet BV, a company in Roden, the Netherlands, specialized in the development of MRI coils. Currently she is working on her Master’s thesis at the NeuroImaging Research Group studying the use of superparamagnetic ion oxide nanoparticles (SPOINs) in real-time tracking of tumors during radiation.