Research projects granted

VIP Brain Networks (2009-2013), Pieken in de Delta (MIRA, UMCN, Donders Centre, Siemens, ANT-Neuro and TMS-i).

PhD students

E. Nijhuis (NIM)

M. Kleinnijenhuis (Anatomy, VIP-Brain Networks project)


Tom Konert (M2 TG)

Kirsten Becker (bachelor BMT)


Oscar Geessink (M2 TG)

Kees Jan Sikma (master BMT)

Projects for (master) students at the department of Anatomy

1.Validation of MRI (DTI/SWI) with histological techniques and white matter dissection (Klingler) in post mortem human brain. Collaboration with the department of Neurosurgery UMCN.

2.Plasticity after training in patients with stroke in visual cortex and visual neglect. Plasticity in connectivity. Data analysis of resting state fMRI, DTI and ASL data.

3.Vascularisation of the human brain in relation to ASL. Literature and data analysis.

4.Brain dissection for education and plastination purposes