Bacheloropdrachten studenten

Bachelor assignment Biomedical Engineering, Advanced Technology or Applied Physics

In our group a laparoscopic route to detect sentinel lymph nodes in cancer patients is being developed ( Sentinel node biopsy is a tool to determine the lymph node status of cancer patients and, consequently, personalize a patient’s prognosis and treatment. The special thing about the laparoscopic route, is mechanical separation of the detection and excitation coils. This new way of handheld detection has several challenges, due to the fact that the detection coils can move with respect to the excitation coil. Currently, a prototype is being developed to demonstrate the principle in a lab setting.

Much improvement can be made by optimizing the detection coils used in this prototype. The detection coil has a gradiometer configuration, to minimize the effect of the excitation signal. However, different gradiometer geometries are possible, such as a concentric or co-axial gradiometer.

During this assignment, you will have the opportunity to investigate which geometry is best for the laparoscopic application. You will build a Comsol model to compare the different geometries and carry out validation experiments of the model.