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Silica Microparticles in A Strong Electric Field

Silica Microparticles in A Strong Electric Field

To understand the interparticle adhesion mechanism and the adhesion between particles and surfaces, we propose to measure the adhesion force with an EPD. The EPD consists of two or more conducting plates with particles resting on one of those pates. In the presence of an electric field the particles can be removed from the surface.



We propose the following tasks:

  • Modify current set-up to study the particle removal from surfaces within an EPD
  • Model and determine the adhesion force of silica particles on different surfaces
  • Study the movement of particles in situ
  • Use DC and AC electric fields
  • Does the history of the particles effect the adhesion mechanisms, e.g. after shaking or rubbing the particles (tribo-electricity)?

Keywords: Colloidal particles, adhesion, EPD, tribo-electricity


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