Industrial Assignments

MSC or internship Assignments at VECO Precision

As the world leader of high precision metal engineering, Veco Precision is the only in the industry with such wide range of integrated technologies in-house: Electroforming, Etching, Laser Processes as well as Plating/Surface Finishing. These technologies allow a powerful combination of precision and economical production; for high volumes and prototypes, standard and custom-made products. Markets served worldwide: medical instruments, automotive, flow control, motion control, filtration, shaver foils, semiconductor-, electronics-, sugar industry and renewable energy. See for more information about the company. 

Veco is looking for students with a background in Chemical Engineering, Nanotechnology or a related study, who would like to perform a MSc research assignment within the company, in collaboration with the MCS group. The mentioned assignments hare also suitable for industrial internships.

Available research topics:

(1) Surface enlargement of electrodes by electroforming, with the aim to improve the yield of electrochemical hydrogen production

(2) Analysis of the effect of pre- and post-treatments for lithographic processes on the surface properties of metal substrates

(3) Modelling of performance and gas bubble release for 3-D electrode structures for alkaline water electrolysis

Contact information

For interested students, a more elaborate description of the assignments is available upon request. Please contact:

 Han Gardeniers; Email: