Bachelor assignments

Interactive database of cleaning chemistry

Cleaning is a universal task, and there is a wide variety of contaminants that need to be removed in various applications. There is an equal amount of cleaning chemicals on the market, with each their own purpose and characteristics.

We would like to build a database that links the contaminants with the cleaning chemicals, in order to quickly be able to find the right cleaning chemical for a certain job, but also to gain insight into the chemical mechanisms. For example, when we are approached with a cleaning request for lubricant, we want the database to be able to tell us quickly which cleaning chemicals could be suitable under which conditions. Meanwhile the database should be telling us that the contaminant is e.g. an organic substance that requires strongly alkaline or oxidizing cleaning agents.

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This assignment will consist of building a database with contaminants and cleaning agents. This will be done through literature research for contaminant-cleaning chemical combinations, and by implementing this in searchable database software. Since we want to understand the underlying cleaning chemistry, the student is expected to learn a lot on different chemical mechanisms, and to implement this knowledge in the database.

Affinity with databases is preferred.


David Fernandez Rivas