Miniaturized NMR system

MSC assignment - Miniaturized NMR system 

NMR systems are widely used in chemical analysis, medical diagnostics and flow measurements. With the use of permanent magnets these systems can become portable which opens new applications. 

The MSc project builds on the knowledge of a PhD project, recently finished in the MCS group, called "Permanent magnet systems for microfluidic applications" [1]. In this project several small magnet systems for performing NMR, nuclear magnetic resonance, were compared [2]. The goal of this MSc assignment is to continue this study on permanent magnet configurations and optimize the magnetic field homogeneity to a higher level, making the system suitable for NMR spectroscopy. To this end, the existing magnet design will be extended with ferrofluidic and microelectronic coil elements that can be used to locally tune the magnetic field. The assignment will include magnetic field modelling by numerical means, and the assembly and testing of the resulting NMR instrument. 

We are looking for a student with a background in (applied) physics, electrical engineering, or a closely related discipline. It would be helpful if you already have knowledge of magnetic fields and/or magnetic materials, also hands-on experience with computational modeling would be preferred. 


For further information you can contact Han Gardeniers ( 

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