Max Haker, BSc.






Max Haker

Meander 151

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MSc student

Max Haker was born on July 16th 1990 in the picturesque town of Hoorn. After finishing his high school education, he decided to cross the country to become a chemical engineer in Enschede. In the first three years of his study he participated in the organization of a three-week study tour to the United Arab Emirates and Vietnam, a youth hockey tournament and several other smaller events. After these years he finished his bachelor with a thesis on the effect of platinum on the photocatalytic conversion of CO2 to CHwith a Pt/Ti-SBA15 catalyst.

After an interesting and fruitful internship at ExxonMobil in Rotterdam, it is now time for him to work on the final part of his studies. Under the supervision of dr. ir. Roald Tiggelaar he will work to create and screen new materials and designs for a high temperature (> 1000°C) packed bed micro-reactor for catalyst screening.