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Name: David Fernandez Rivas
Assistant Professor
PhD, MSc, Nuclear Engineer.
Mesoscale Chemical Systems group
University of Twente
Building: Carre
Office: 1.339
P.O. Box 217
7500 AE Enschede
The Netherlands 

BuBclean Company
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Telef: +31 53 489 3531

Teaching and Supervision

If you are looking for an internship, project or job position don’t hesitate and contact me directly d.fernandezrivas@utwente.nl_

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MCS vacancies

BuBclean vacancies

The courses currently taught are:

Process Intensification Principles

Past courses and other pedagogical activities

Graduate Surface Phenomena and Microfluidics, Chemical Engineering, University of Twente (2013)


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Other activities

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BuBclean was founded in October 2013 by Dr. Verhaagen and myself.

BuBclean wants to enhance the use of ultrasonic cleaning and provide efficient and sustainable R&D solutions or devices for cleaning surfaces in medical or high-tech applications, strengthening the innovative character of Twente within The Netherlands.

Chilangos Habaneros

This is one of my dearest projects: a Latin American Music band that has brought together friends from all countries and made people dance regardless of their past experiences with Cuban, Mexican, Venezuelan, Colombian or Spanish music.

More videos can be seen here: Chilangos Habaneros (most videos).