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Aufried Lenferink

Aufried Lenferink
Research Engineer Optical Lab

Telephone: +31 53 489 3099
Fax: +31 53 489 3511
Address: Faculty of Science and Technology
Medical Cell BioPhysics (MCBP)
Building: Carré
Room: CR4538

Drienerlolaan 5
P.O. Box 217
7500 AE Enschede
The Netherlands


Aufried studied Applied physics at the HTS in Enschede from 1980 till 1984 and received his degree in 1984. His first internship was at Delft university Developing a measurement method to determine the gas residence time in a mixed gas-liquid system. The second internship was at KEMA institute in Arnhem developing/testing a SF6-gas leak detection system. The third internship was at the HTS Enschede working on developing a PID-controlled water heating system used as test setup for practical lessons.


From 1984-1986 ; As Research Technician at the Low Temperature division at the University of Twente developing a horizontal-feed-through cryostat with a vibrational isolated but temperature conduction cooling mechanism. It is presented as a chapter in a thesis.

From 1986-1988 ; As Process Engineer at STORK-Ketels in Hengelo, developing Software for thermal boiler performance calculations, thermal boiler performance calculations for customers and participation in a development team for new boiler types.

From 1988-now ; As Research Technician, first at the BioPhysical Engineering group BPE and later the Medical Cell BioPhysics group MCBP. Supported the development of new techniques and developed instruments on several research areas such as; SPR-sensors, waveguide sensors, Single Molecule Microscopy and Raman Spectral Microscopy. Beside this a important part of the work is also guidance of students and PhD’s inside the projects.

From 2008-now he is running an company TWENSPEC in which the main activities are the development of prototype instruments. For instance the developed and manufacturing of 6 Blood Waste Collection Devices used within the CTC-project has been an recent assignment for Twenspec.


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  • Lenferink, A.T.M., Schipper, E.F. & Kooyman, R.P.H. (1997). Improved detection method for evanescent wave interferometric chemical sensing. Review of scientific instruments, 68 (3), (pp. 1582-1586). 1997
  • Lenferink, A.T.M., Kooyman, R.P.H. & Greve, J. (1991). An improved optical method for surface plasmon resonance experiments. Sensors and actuators B (Chemical), 3 (pp. 261-265). 1991

Recent co-authorships

  • Michael, R., Otto, C., Lenferink, A.T.M., Gelpi, E., Montenegro, G.A., Rosandic, J., Tresssera, F., Barraquer, R.I. & Vrensen, G.F.J.M. (2014). Absence of amyloid-beta in lenses of Alzheimer patients: A confocal Raman microspectroscopic study. Experimental eye research, 119 (pp. 44-53).2014
  • Raudsepp, P., Brüggemann, D.A., Lenferink, A.T.M., Otto, C. & Andersen, M.L. (2014). Oxidative stabilization of mixed mayonnaises made with linseed oil and saturated medium-chain triglyceride oil. Food chemistry, 152 (June, 2014), (pp. 378-385).2014
  • Ataç, D., Gang, T., Yilmaz, M.D., Bose, S.K., Lenferink, A.T.M., Otto, C., Jong, M.P., Huskens, J., Wiel, W.G., (2013). Tuning Kondo effect in thin Au films by depositing a thin layer of Au on molecular spin-dopants. Nanotechnology, 24 (37), (pp. 375204-3752211).2013
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  • Raudsepp, P., Brüggemann, D.A., Lenferink, A.T.M., Otto, C. & Andersen, M.L. (2013). Oxidative stabilization of mixed mayonnaises made with linseed oil and saturated medium-chain triglyceride oil. Food chemistry, 152 (pp. 378-385).2013
  • Hartsuiker, L., Petersen, W., Rayavarapu, R.G., Lenferink, A.T.M., Poot, A.A., Terstappen, L.W.M.M., Leeuwen, A.G.J.M., Manohar, S. & Otto, C. (2012). Raman and Fluorescence Spectral Imaging of Live Breast Cancer Cells Incubated with PEGylated Gold Nanorods. Applied spectroscopy, 66 (1), (pp. 66-74).2012
  • Pully, V.V., Lenferink, A.T.M. & Otto, C. (2011). Time Lapse Raman Imaging of Single Live Lymphocytes. Journal of raman spectroscopy, 42 (2), (pp. 167-173).2011

Other activities

Since 2011 Arbo en Milieu Coordinator AMC for MCBP


Optics, Interferometry, Microscopy(flourescence, Single Molecule,Raman), Labview programming (DAQ and Data analysis), Sensors, Electronics (PCB design), Mechanical designs (Solidworks)