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Winter Kick In 2023

Master Kick-In Faculty of Science & Technology

On this website, you can find information about the Winter Kick-In for master students of the Science & Technology faculty.

The Kick-In is the introduction period of the University of Twente. It is the perfect opportunity to discover the university, the campus, the city of Enschede and all other aspects of your student life. Furthermore, it offers the opportunity to arrange all the formalities necessary for your time in the Netherlands. 

The Winter edition of the Master Kick-In takes place from Saturday 4 February, until Saturday 11 February 2023. The Winter Kick-In is organised for all premaster, master and exchange students who start with their studies in February. General information about the Kick-In can be found here.

Faculty Days

To welcome you to the faculty and to give you a good start with your studies, the Faculty of Science and Technology organizes a Faculty Day on Monday 6 February (and depending on your study programme the morning of Tuesday 7 February) as part of the Winter Kick-In. During this day you will amongst others learn more about the programme you are about to start and the educational systems we use at the University of Twente. 

Below you can find the timetable of the general and the programme specific parts of the Faculty days. Click the study programme of your choice to see your programme for the day.