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Master Kick-In Faculty Science & Technology

On this website you find all information about the Kick-In for master students of the Science & Technology faculty. The Kick-In is the introduction period of the University of Twente. In order to familiarize yourself with your fellow students, sports- and cultural organizations and all the possibilities at the campus, a Kick-In is organised for all pre-master, master and exchange students that start their studies at the University: the Master Kick-In. 

During this period you will also learn more about the programme you are about to start and the eduactional systems we use at the University of Twente. 

Programme Tuesday 27 august 2019






Coffee and Tea



09.30 - 09.45


Nieck Benes

Waaier 4

09.45 - 10.05

Practical information

Marijke Stehouwer

Waaier 4

10.15 - 11.00

Introduction to educational systems

Brigitte Tel (APh)

Alexandra Elbersen (ChE/Nano)

Wendy Donnelly (HS)

Anneloes Dummer/John Huttenhuis (BME)

Carré 4624


11.00 - 17.00

Activities of the programme staff and study association

APh: Carré 3A

Nano: HT500A

ChE: HT900

BME & HS: RA2501

Please note, we will arrange some lunch and dinner for you during the programme. It might differ to the lunch and dinner you are used from back home, but it is a good oppertunity to get to know the Dutch culture and food a bit more. 


Nieck Benes, dean of education of the faculty Science & Technology, will welcome you at our faculty and will tell you more about what the faculty is and what we do. 

Practical Information

Marijke Stehouwer is our Coordination International Affairs. In a short presentation she will tell you more about some practical issues when studying in the Netherlands and at our faculty.

Introduction to educational systems

During the introduction to our educational systems you will learn to use the educational systems of the university. The educational systems we work with are for example Osiris, Canvas. These systems are used to register for courses and tests, but also for you to get the material needed to study for a course.

Activities of the programme staff and study association

The rest of the day there will be some activities which are organized by the programme staff and study association. You will get to know the study association, but also your fellow students. There will also be a fun activity. 

Lunch and dinner will be arranged during this part of the programme.