Oncology and Intervention

CT, Cone-beam CT, MRI and Ultrasound are all modalities to be used and combined in an operating theatre dubbing that OR to be a Hybrid Operating Room (HOR).

Now it is mostly the domain of the vascular surgeon, in collaboration with the interventional radiologist, but is that the only discipline it can be used for? The short answer is no. With each passing day the HOR grows to be a multi-purpose operating theatre for various disciplines. Therefore questions arise on where the future lies for the HOR:

  • How is the HOR being used today?
  • Is it efficient enough to warrant the costs?
  • Where do chances lie for future use, and in which domains?
  • How can we use and/or improve the HOR for the benefit of oncological interventions?

 This new research project is in its start-up phase, more detailed information on the focus of this project will be given in due time.