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Material Discovery for Transparent P-Type Electrodes

Project motivation: Metal oxides (MOx) are essential in several optoelectronic devices, such as thin film-based solar cells, displays and light emitting diodes. However, most conductive MOx are n-type. If a p-type counterpart is found, novel functionalities can be unlocked, such as the development of semi- or fully-transparent electronic devices, or the replacement of absorbing contacts in solar cells.   

Project goal: Demonstrate experimentally recent theoretical predictions that indicate that a transition from a metal oxide (MOx) to a metal oxysulfide (MOySz) or metal sulfide (MSx) leads to a transition from a n-type to p-type material.

Tasks of MSc student: Metal oxide thin films (SnOx, ZrOx) will be deposited by pulsed laser deposition (PLD), followed by a thermal sulfurization step. Optical and electrical characterization of the film’s properties as a function of oxygen and sulfur concentration will be performed and used to propose a model for carrier transport in the films.


Monica Morales-Masis, C3237, m.moralesmasis@utwente.nl, +31534891791