Dr. ir. E.J. (Emiel) Kappert

Emiel Kappert

Postdoc University of Twente  
Meander, ME 236B
P.O. Box 217
7500 AE Enschede
The Netherlands

Phone: +31 53 489 2859

Research summary

We study the effect of post-synthesis treatments on the structure and properties of hybrid inorganic membranes. The obtained knowledge aids in developing novel fabrication strategies for these membranes.

The term post-treatment covers a wide array of topics, including drying, ageing, calcination, and chemical treatments. The drying and ageing steps are important in the formation of the microstructure, and crucial in preventing of crack formation. In the subsequent thermal treatment, the microstructure of the material is to be consolidated, whereas decomposition of the organic moiety in a hybrid membrane should be avoided.

In our research on drying, we focus on the effects of temperature and humidity on the microstructure evolution of ultra-thin film silica and organosilica membranes. For organosilica films we study the influence of the organic moiety on the mechanical properties, e.g., the cracking resilience of the material.

For the thermal treatment step, we aspire to develop kinetic models that can be used to predict the effect of a thermo- or thermo-oxidative consolidation step. Our final aim is to improve the consolidation step, in terms of optimized material properties, and in terms of more time and cost-effective calcination strategies.