R.B. (Renaud) Merlet, MSc

Curriculum Vitae

Personal Data

Name: Renaud Merlet
Email: r.b.merlet@utwente.nl
Date of birth: November 18
Nationality: French/American


2013-2015: M.S. Chemical Engineering
University of Twente, Netherlands
Project: Biomimetic membranes for water ultrafiltration, focused on creating, characterizing and testing a functional, thin layer of self-assembled diblock-copolymers on a porous support

2004-2008: B.S. Polymer Engineering
Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

Work experience

2009-2013: Assistant Scientist
Kemira Chemicals, USA

  • Performed in-depth research on antiscalant, coagulation, and flocculation products through method development, laboratory testing and analysis
  • Supported scale-up stages of new products through reverse osmosis pilot unit operation and technical field assistance