Summer News

NEWS OF Summer 2019 

Bsc & MSC Graduates 2019

Congratulations to Sajjad Ghojavand, Eduardo Villicaña Gonzalez, Jamie Duburg and Ilse Lammerink,  MSc students which have successfully defended their MSc thesis and graduated this summer!

Supervisor Dr. Marie Pizzoccaro-Zilamy , the graduated Msc Sajjad Ghojavand and Supervisor Msc Renaud Merlet.


*Supervisors Prof.Dr. Louis Winnubst, Msc Pelin Karacilic and the graduate Msc Ilse Lammerink

Congratulation to Pieter van Beurden for his BSc defense, we are looking forward to seeing his progress for his MSc degree!

* Graduate Bsc Pieter van Beurden and graduate Msc Eduardo Villicaña Gonzalez


 All the best for your future career!


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