Master assignment: Microporous ceramic membranes for gas separation

The unique properties of microporous ceramic membranes make them ideal candidates for gas separation applications. Their high thermal and mechanical stability allow these membranes to withstand high temperature and pressure, commonly found in industrial applications such as the removal of hydrogen in refineries and the removal of carbon dioxide from syngas. However, further improvements are still required in terms of reproducible membrane fabrication methods and gas separation performance.

This master’s project will consist of the fabrication of reproducible and stable microporous ceramic membranes and the characterization and analysis of gas permeation and separation performance of these membranes using the diverse laboratory facilities found within the IM group. Based on the interest of the master student, the material science or the transport modeling will be the focus of the assignment.

For further information, please contact:

Pelin Karakiliç

Ph.D. Student
Meander 236B

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Louis Winnubst

Meander 348

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