Membranes for Waste-Water Treatment (CERAMPOL)


The described assignment is part of the CERAMPOL project . This project is performed in close collaboration with EMI (UT), LEITAT (Spain), Keranor (Norway), Johnson Matthey (UK), TRSA (Spain), JSI (Slovenia), HIPOT-RR (Slovenia), CST (Spain), BHR (UK) European 7th Framework Programme.

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Figure 1 General goal of the CERAMPOL Project

The aim of the project is to prepare a new generation of smart and low-fouling membranes for wastewater treatment of metallurgic and pharmaceutical industries/hospitals. In this collaborative project, Inorganic Membranes Group (UT) is focused on membrane fabrication/characterization and operation for catalytic degradation of drugs.

Figure 2 Catalytic degradation of drugs using CERAMPOL membranes

The Master/Bachelor assignment would include fabrication/ functionalization (e.g. catalyst support immobilization, catalyst deposition) and operation (e.g. degradation of drugs in waste-water) of these membranes.

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Louis Winnubst

Can Aran