Master Applied Physics

Cryogenic Science and Technology

Cryogenics Science and Technology, 201100146

Structure and organization:

A total of 14 lectures will be given with high intensity in the first three weeks. Students will select a topic for more detailed study and assessment. The selection will need to be done in the first two weeks. Basically, the assessment will be an individual task. Only if the number of students exceeds a certain limit, the assessment will be done in group of students.

Students will need to make a presentation on their assessment aiming at their colleagues as the audience. These presentations will be in a combined session in the morning of Thursday in week 14 (April 5th). Also TNW faculty members will be invited to attend, specifically EMS members. A report will need to be written on the selected topic incorporating feedback received at the presentation. The report should be finished and submitted by midnight Friday April 20th, week 16.

The material that is presented in the lectures will be the basis for the exam in the afternoon of Friday April 13th, week 15.

The final mark obtained for this course is determined as 40% exam result, 40% assessment report, and 20% assessment presentation.


Lecture 1: Overview of history and applications

Lecture 2: Helium and other refrigerants

Lecture 3: Cryogenic materials and thermal insulation

Lecture 4: Cryostats and visit to laboratories

Lecture 5: Thermodynamics of refrigeration

Lecture 6: Regenerative gas-expansion cryocoolers

Lecture 7: Recuperative gas-expansion cryocoolers

Lecture 8: Refrigeration other than gas expansion

Lecture 9: Sub-K cryocooling

Lecture 10: Application-related requirements (requirements other than cooling performance)

Lecture 11: Cryogenic instrumentation

Lecture 12: Large-scale refrigeration

Lecture 13: Specific applications (e.g. space, medical)

Lecture 14: EMS research plus lab visit