Applied Thermal Sciences

We are continuosly looking for PhD students in the area of fluids physics and thermal sciences. 

Currently we have a vacancy for a PhD and a postdoctoral researcher candidates on the topic of evaporation of cryogenic droplets. The positions are in the Applied Thermal Sciences Lab at the University of Twente.

Brief project Summary: Machining processes need to adapt to increased productivity requiring higher speed of machining, leading to higher generated heat. Conventional coolants such as oils pose safety and health hazard in the factory and have limited cooling capacity. Cryogenic fluids such as liquid nitrogen or dry ice on the other hand are very attractive as they do not leave any residue (thus no post-process cleaning), are inert gases (no health hazard) and provide a higher-density of cooling. Laboratory tests at our industrial partner Air Liquide with liquid nitrogen and carbon dioxide snow threw up puzzling results; in spite of liquid nitrogen much colder than carbon dioxide snow, the heat absorbed from a heated surface was lower, secondly the capability to absorb heat from a surface flatten with increasing flow rate. The objective of the proposed work is to achieve a fundamental understanding of fluid mechanics and heat transfer of cryofluids interaction with a heated surface. The uniqueness of this work is that cryogenic fluids are often in a saturated state i.e. ready to change phase and form vapor, which is different from classical work in the literature with water or alcohols. A combination of experimental techniques including high-speed imaging and numerical models will be developed.  

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 We are looking for a highly motivated PhD candidate with a background in fluid mechanics, heat transfer physics, applied physics, cryogenics or closely related areas. In particular, involvement in one or more of the following topics is desired:

English language proficiency is strictly required. Curiosity and strong scientific communication skills are desired. A scientific presentation will be part of the interview process

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