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Compact Stirling heatpump (TKI-URBAN ENERGY)


Motive and goal: To upgrade low quality heat sources to provide warm tap water, a heat pump that uses clean working fluids, is compact and affordable, quiet, and efficient is desired.

In this project we will explore an electricity powered free piston Stirling heat pump operating at a high frequency with an aim to reduce the size of the system. Compact regenerators and heat exchangers will also be explored.

Brief description: The main activities in the project are broadly classified into modeling and experimental sections. In the modeling section, we will investigate the physical phenomena of high frequency oscillating flow in contact with the regenerator and heat exchangers. These models will be validated in the experimental section.

Expected results:

  • Fundamental understanding of oscillating flow and heat transfer at high frequency.
  • Optimization and improvement of regenerator and heat exchangers.

 Contact: Harry Holland, Srinivas Vanapalli

This project will be executed together with Thales Cryogenics, Microgen and is supported by TKI Urban Energy.