Dr. Oguz Karvan, Dr. Alberto Tena and Dr. Tymen Visser from EMI Twente will be the Guest Editors of the membranes Special Issue “From Novel Material Concept to Scalable Membrane Product for Gas Separation".

Despite the high number of new materials that are annually reported in scientific literature having superior intrinsic separation performance and beating the corresponding upper bounds, practically, the number of materials converted into new commercial products in the membrane gas separation market has been very limited. Unfortunately, most of these materials won’t make it to market, as they cannot be processed into a membrane with a thin separation layer, or they lose their performance once in contact with an actual feed stream. It seems like the drive with most researchers is to obtain the next best data point on the upper bound and no effort is made to make an actual membrane. Nevertheless, the industry is urgently demanding new membrane products with superior performance.

We invite researchers to submit manuscripts that demonstrate the transfer from a material concept into an actual membrane with proven gas separation performance, ideally tested at realistic conditions.

Deadline for manuscript submissions: 31 October 2021

More information can be found here