For determining the water uptake in different samples we make use of a Symmetrical Gravimetric Analyzer, SGA-100 (VTI). Water vapor isotherms are allowed to measure at temperatures ranging from 0 °C to 80 °C at ambient pressure. The term symmetrical refers to a design feature whereby both the sample side and the reference side of the microbalance are subjected to identical temperatures, relative humidity & flow rates. Other benefits are related to the symmetrical design that allow absolute or differential adsorption experiments. The core of the instrument is an isothermal aluminum block containing the sample chamber, which permits very tight control of temperature and RH at the sample. Chilled-mirror dew point analyzers are used to determine the actual humidity. And three isolated thermal zones are ensuring operational stability. The temperature within the block is kept stable by a constant temperature bath capable of temperature control within 0.01°C.


Temperature: 0 – 80 °C

Relative Humidity: 2 – 98 %

Microbalance: 0.1 μg

Max sample weight: 750 mg