About EMI Twente


The EMI Twente makes use of the knowledge and infrastructure of the Faculty of Science and Technology of the University of Twente and the research cluster Membrane Science and Technology in particular. Most EMI projects are practical in nature and are treated confidentially. The majority of projects are done with European customers and partners, but the EMI Twente works together with customers from all other continents as well. It has special expertise in membrane development: integrally skinned asymmetric or composite membranes (both hollow fibers as well as flat sheet) and membrane characterization. Next to this, the EMI offers consultancy and desktop studies. Furthermore, EMI offers membrane related equipment for example casting knives, permeation test cells, stirred cells, cloud point meters, hollow fiber spin lines etc. 

The EMI projects are carried out by people skilled to the membrane art, no students are involved in EMI related projects. Most EMI activities are carried out in confidential bilateral projects. However, the EMI also participates in national and international funded research projects and provides interested industries with information on membrane research activities within the University of Twente. Project durations, which may include literature studies or marketing assessments, typically vary from a few hours up to three years.


The European Membrane Institute Twente (EMI Twente) was founded by the Membrane Technology group of the University of Twente in 1995, with the purpose to offer industry and public organizations a platform where (confidential) research and development projects in the field of membrane science and technology can be carried out. Over the past 20+ years, more than 400 short and long term assignments were carried out for more than 160 different organizations. We have made significant contributions to several successful commercialized membrane products and technology (due to the confidential nature of these projects we can't disclose them here). The team consists of experts in basically any field of membrane technology and has more than 120 years of experience all together.