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University of Twente

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Leveraging Instructive Culture Models to Improve Cartilage Tissue Engineering

University of Twente

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Biodegradable Hydrogels by Physical and Enzymatic Crosslinking of Biomacromolecules

University of Twente

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Regulators of Articular Cartilage Homeostasis

University of Twente

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Mesenchymal Stem cells as Trophic Mediators in Cartilage Regeneration

University of Twente

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Wnt Signalling in Cartilage Development and Degradation

University of Twente

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Confocal Raman Microspectroscopy; Applications in Cartilage Tissue Engineering

University of Twente

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Leiden University

Winner of the 2010 best thesis award of the Dutch Society for Bone and Mineral Research (NVCB)

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Stereoselective Polymerization of Lactones. Properties of Stereocomplexed PLA Building Blocks.

University of Twente

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