Dalen van - Protein Fibrils as Scaffold Material for Cartilage Tissue Engineering - Effects on Cell Viability

M.C. van Dalen, M. Karperien, V. Subramaniam, M.M. Claessens, J.N. Post

OARSI 2014


Current treatment options for osteoarthritis (OA) aim to reduce pain and improve joint functioning. However, focal cartilage damage due to trauma predisposes the onset of OA. Use of scaffolds is a good strategy for the
treatment of these small lesions. In the past, various synthetic and natural proteins have been described for their use as scaffolding material for tissue engineering. However, all of these scaffolds have advantages and disadvantages in terms of the biological compatibility, strength, elasticity and durability of the material. The perfect scaffolding material for articular cartilage has not been found. We propose a new strategy for generation of cartilage scaffold material.