van Duyvenvoorde, H.A. The severe short stature in two siblings with a heterozygous IGF1 mutation is not caused by a dominant negative effect of the putative truncated protein

van Duyvenvoorde HA, van Doorn J, Koenig J, Gauguin L, Oostdijk W, Wade JD, Karperien M, Ruivenkamp CA,
Losekoot M, van Setten PA, Walenkamp MJ, Noordam C, De Meyts P, Wit JM

Growth Horm IGF Res. 2011 Feb;21(1):44-50

While in previous studies heterozygosity for an Insulin-Like Growth Factor 1 (IGF1) defect only modestly decreased height and head circumference, we recently reported on two siblings with severe short stature with a maternally transmitted heterozygous duplication of 4 nucleotides, resulting in a frame shift and a premature termination codon in the IGF1 gene. In this paper we describe the structural and functional characteristics of the putative truncated IGF-I protein.