Hiemstra, C. Protein release from injectable stereocomplexed hydrogels based on PEG–PDLA and PEG–PLLA star block copolymers

Hiemstra, C.; Zhong, Z.Y.; Van Tomme, S.R.; Hennink, W.E.; Dijkstra, P.J.; Feijen, J

Journal of controlled release; vol. 116, e19

The release of two model proteins, lysozyme and immunoglobulin G (IgG) from injectable, fast gelling, biodegradable hydrogels composed of PEG–PLLA and PEG–PDLA star block copolymers was investigated. Lysozyme was quantitatively released in 10 days. The release of IgG was slower and after 20 days 40–60% was released depending on the composition of the gel.