Master students



Name Vincent de Jong 
Room Zuidhorst 131
Function Master student 
Project Validating novel “in-air microfluidics” for use in biomedical research and industry


I’m Vincent de Jong, a Biomedical Science Master student from Maastricht University, with a passion for engineering. During my bachelors in Biomedical Technology in Twente I worked on a variety of projects involving Tissue engineering, Polymer synthesis for drug-delivery systems and Lipid-bilayer surfaces for cell culturing applications. During my Master I worked in oncology for 4 months researching the effects of hypoxia on HIF-1-alpha protein expression. Recently I progressed back to engineering in a project focused on creating functionalized alginate hydrogel scaffolds for neuronal cell differentiation. My current project will revolve around microfluidics in a project supervised by Tom Kamperman and Prof. Marcel Karperien.

In my spare time I do a variety of sports (pretty much everything except golf) and work on side projects such as woodworking, programming arduinos and whatever else comes to mind.

Supervisors: Tom Kamperman, Prof. Marcel Karperien.