Master students



Name Laura Veenendaal 
Room  gebouw Zuidhorst 
Function Master student
Project Biomaterials applicable in tissue engineering


My name is Laura Veenendaal,  a master student in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Twente. During my Bachelor Biomedical Engineering, I became more and more interested in chemistry and cell biology. I finished my Bachelor by performing my bachelor assignment at DBE as well. During this assignment I studied the activity of BMP-7 in C20A4 cells by performing FRAP experiments. I broadened my knowledge in cell biology and got more lab experience in cell culture and working with the confocal microscope.

In 2016, I continued with Biomedical Engineering by doing the master track Bionanotechnology and biomanufacturing. My interest started focusing on Tissue Engineering. Here at DBE I get the possibility to broaden my enthusiasm into this research field. My project, supervised by Jeroen Leijten,  includes microfabrication of biomaterials, characterization of them and application in cultured cells and tissue engineering. The goal of the project is to create glucose-releasing biomaterials applicable in tissue engineering. A suitable fabrication method of the biomaterial will be developed and the biomaterial will be characterized and evaluated in vitro. I will finish my master with an Internship at the Centre for BioEngineering at the University of Otago in New Zealand where I will go on broadening my knowledge and experience in Tissue Engineering.