Post-doctoral Fellows

Dr. Tom Kamperman


Tom (1988) obtained his bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Twente in 2009. His thesis focused on quantitative gene expression of pluripotent stem cells. In 2012, he obtained his Master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering with a specialization in molecular, cellular and tissue engineering. His thesis was completed in the BIOS Lab-on-a-Chip group at the University of Twente and focused on the design, the development and the testing of a microfluidic platform for the culture and sensing of pre-implantation mouse embryos. He has also been working as a trainee at the Max-Planck Institute for Molecular Biomedicine in Muenster on increasing the reprogramming efficiency in induced pluripotent stem cell generation. Besides his education, he worked at the University of Twente as a student-assistant for many practicum courses. In 2012, he started as a PhD student in the Developmental BioEngineering group of prof. dr. Marcel Karperien. His current research focuses on the development of tissue engineered constructs with chondrons using microfluidic techniques.


Tom Kamperman, MSc
Department of Developmental BioEngineering
Building Zuidhorst, Room no: ZH146
Drienerlolaan 5, PO BOX 217
7522NB Enschede, The Netherlands

Phone: +31-(0)53-4893 019