Post-doctoral Fellows

Dr. João Crispim

joaoPersonal information
João was born in Beja (Portugal) and studied Biological Engineering (Integrated Master) at the Superior Technical Institute at Lisbon. His master project was performed in the Tissue Regeneration department of the University of Twente during an exchange as Erasmus student. The project consisted in a High Throughput Screening Platform for Embryonic Development in vitro and the goal of the thesis was to study and increase the formation of the artificial stage of the morula. During the summer of 2012, João also worked as a trainee in a project for the improvement of the quality of cork in the Agrogenomics Research Group of CEBAL.

In June of 2013 João joined the groups of Prof. Dr. Daniel Saris and Dr. Hugo Fernandes (Tissue Regeneration) and Dr. Pascal Jonkheijm (Molecular Nanofabrication) as a PhD candidate at the University of Twente

Project description
The repair of tendon injuries still presents a major clinical challenge to orthopedic medicine. Tendons, like some other tissues, are poorly vascularized and heal slowly. In addition, healing often leads to the formation of fibrous tissue. The aim of the project is to functionalize material with the growth factor binding peptides in order to improve the healing and recovery of tendons/ligaments.