PhD student position “Ammonia Synthesis with Plasma Catalysis”

In the group Catalytic Processes and Materials (CPM) at the University of Twente there is a vacant position for a PhD student (4 years). The task of the PDF will be to perform experimental work on synthesis of ammonia at mild conditions with the help of both a di-electric-barrier-discharge (DBD) plasma as well as a catalyst. The project is part of a close cooperation with DIFFER (, the Dutch Institute for Fundamental Energy Research, aiming at electrification of the chemical industry. Several companies are involved in this project as well. The overall goal of the project is to produce ammonia from nitrogen, water and electricity.

As the research area of plasma catalysis is relatively new and crossing borders between chemistry, chemical engineering and physics, the PhD student should be eager to accept new challenges outside his/her comfort zone. Affinity with heterogeneous catalysis, reactor engineering and (plasma-) physics would be a clear advantage. Further information can be obtained from Prof. Leon Lefferts, (