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Previous projects:

Scheme for conversion of waste to fuels

We design and investigate catalysts for the conversion of waste lignocellulosic biomass to Fuels & Chemicals via pyrolysis liquefaction in the following projects:

Catalyst design

Catalyst design - Catalyst are designed for the selective in situ catalytic de-oxygenation of lignocellulosic biomass to make a fuel compatible bio-oil.

How can we make organic phase suitable (image)

Aqueous phase – Not only the use of the organic phase, but also the use of the aqueous phase is researched in situ using ATR-IR spectroscopy.


Different pathways to convert waste lignin into useful green chemicals are investigated.

Routes for valorisation of humin

Humins – Catalytic routes for the valorisation of humin by-products formed during biomass processing are investigated



Design of efficient catalysts for gasificaton of biomass-derived waste streams in hot compressed water – Towards indurstial applicability

Dennis de Vlieger

(Finalized 2013)


Desing of efficient catalyst for steam reforming of pyrolysis oil to hydrogen – Towards a green and sustainable future

B. Matas Guëll

(Finalized 2009)


A further step toward H2 in automobile: development of an efficient bi-functional catalyst for single stage water gas shift

Khalid Ghazi Azzam

(Finalized 2008)