Previous projects:

Scheme of the project

The efficient conversion of renewable electrical energy into (gaseous) chemical fuels via synergy effects in plasma and catalytic technology.

Scheme of the project

Study the calcination of limestone with consequent transformation of gaseous products into fuels.

                 Scheme of the project

Study of methyl radicals interaction with the catalyst surface in a plasma-assisted reactor.

Selective oxidation of e.g. alkanes is an old challenge in catalysis because of fast consecutive conversion of the targeted product. Work in our group is exploring new and original approaches to solve this old problem:

Scheme of plasma activation

Selective oxicracking – Selective oxicracking over non-redox oxides, in particular LiMgO, is attempted by plasma-activation.

Routes of water activation

Water activation – The use of water as a soft oxidant via hydroxyl groups on the surface of ceria is investigated with in situ IR and Raman spectroscopy.

                Scheme of electrostatic activation

Electrostatic activation – A microreactor is designed to study the electrostatic activation of adsorbed molecules.


Cover of thesis Cassia Boyadjian

Oxidative Cracking of n-Hexane – a catalytic pathway to olefins Cassia Boyadjian - (Finalized 2010)

Cover of thesis Davide Crapanzano

Reactivity of oxygen ions in mixed oxides in dehydrogenation of propane - Davide Crapanzano - (Finalized 2010)

Cover of thesis Patrick Graf

Combining oxidative coupling and reforming of methane – vision or utopia? - Patrick Graf - (Finalized 2009)

Cover of thesis Khalid Azzam

A further step toward H2 in automobile: development of an efficient bi-functional catalyst for single stage water gas shift - Khalid Ghazi Azzam - (Finalized 2008)

Cover of thesis Cristiano Trionfetti

New insights in the oxidative conversion of alkanes: Exploring Li-promoted MgO catalysts and plasma micro-reactors - Cristiano Trionfetti - (Finalized 2008)

Cover of thesis Jiang Xu

Selective oxidation of propane over cation exchanged zeolites - Jiang Xu - (Finalized 2005)

Cover of thesis Jianjun Zhu

Catalytic partial oxidation of methane to synthesis gas over ZrO2 –based defective oxides - Jianjun Zhu - (Finalized 2005)