Current Projects

Exploring the impact of solid oxide cell size on performance and reliability
(NWO KICH1.ED04.20.020)

Solid Oxide Electrolysis is an energy-efficient conversion technology enabling green chemicals and fuels generation. Together with TNO, KIT, Sunfire and Shell, we will address the scale-up of the technology towards multi-MW scale by determining the maximum size for a solid oxide cell that can tolerate electrolysis operation without mechanical failure.

Direct CO2 methanation inside a proton-conducting solid oxide electrolyser
(NWO KICH1.ED04.20.018)

Next-generation proton ceramic electrolysers offer the promise of efficient synthesis of high value chemicals and fuels from relatively abundant and inexpensive raw materials. Together with EIFER and Shell, we will test that promise by attempting to make synthetic methane inside a proton ceramic cell using CO2, steam, and electricity.