From new concepts towards innovative processes

Within CPM we want to apply fundamental knowledge on molecular reactions and diffusion in/on heterogeneous catalysts for exploration of new catalytic materials, catalytic devices and processes of relevance for industry and society.

The work in our group aims on building a bridge between new discoveries on heterogeneous catalytic reactions and materials on one side and their application in practical processes on the other side. Our expertise in making, structuring and characterization of catalytic materials on micro- and nano-scale are embedded in the local research institute on nano-technology, MESA+. Catalyst testing and evaluation, on the other hand, is our expertise that is closely connected to the domain of process technology.

Catalytic Processes & Materials group (CPM) is a member of the Dutch national research school on catalysis, NIOK, as well as the national research school on process technology, OSPT.

CPM is one of the four research groups in the domain Catalytic Systems & Micro-devices, within the Faculty Science and Technology. This is highlighted in the collaborations with catalysis colleagues in the group Photo-catalytic Fuel Synthesis (PCS) headed by Prof. Mul, as well as with our partners on micro-devices in the Mesoscale Chemical Systems (MCS) group headed by Prof. Gardeniers and the group Soft Matter, Fluidics and Interfaces (SFI) lead by Prof. Lammertink.

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